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Precision Equipment and
System-Constructions for the International High-Tech Industry






  By using the patented multicut* precision tools, you can reduce the time needed to repair a leak-proof surface to several minutes. This means that you control costs and save a lot of money. Leak-proof surfaces at bore holes similar to DIN 3852 for:










Data Sheet


* tube fittings

* oil-level gauges

* screw plugs

* spark plugs


which are found in system components such as:


* housings

* filters

* compressors

* motors

* pumps

* clamps

* valves

* manifold guide

* manifold blocks

* cylinders


   multicut* a tool designed for hydraulics


     repair of damaged leak-proof

     surfaces at hydraulic ports




can be quickly and cheaply produced or repaired with the multicut* precision tools and a suitable ring or fork wrench manually and in place without using any machines.

Complicated, time-consuming and costly jobs, such as dismantling the systems components, aligning and working on a horizontal boring machine, a milling or drilling machine or even the scrapping of the entire systems components are no longer necessary if multicut* precision tools are used; this means that the investment in these tools pays off after only a few times in use.


The multicut* precision tools have already been proven excellent in customer service, for repairing machines, aggregates and plants as well as for assembling systems components. The leakproof sur-faces, which were not manufactured according to scale during serial production of hydraulic components on a machining center (defective parts), can be reworked at a low price.




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